Here I hope I will have many good reviews and nice words from nice guys:-)

Review March 2015


Review February 2015

My days with Timea in Bratislava where terrific! Her look is even better than on the pictures, she is smart and it’s a lot of fun to talk with her. From the very beginning it just felt like being with a good friend with benefits. In private time I never heard a no or stop, instead she asked for more and more… So it became quite exhausting for me and both of us felt pretty done afterwards, which she quits with her lovely smile and a lot of cuddling. If there is heaven, it can’t feel better than being with Timea. Gents, treat her well and with respect and you get the time of your life.


Review February 2015


Review February 2015

I've met Timea for an overnight in Stuttgart. The moment I saw Timea at the airport, I knew it was she...but she looks even better in real then in her pictures. Timea is a good talker and listener and when the 'lights go out' she is amazing! I've set up 2nd  meeting with Timea.

Threat her nice gents!


Review January 2015

Timea, madonna AND whore ... without complex.   The dream of every man ... To be endlessly pampered, desired, honored and admired, without having to do something for it. Timea meets the male desire for the madonna and the whore at the same time. This lovely girl with her angel face will fuck you in the seventh heaven. Return flight at your own risk.


My first review:


Here is comment from gentleman I spent overnight with in Birmingham 6th of November 2014:



Yes I liked you very much. It was a very nice experience and for sure you are a very delicious person. Very positive meeting Thanks James



Here is comment from gentleman I spent overnight with in Vienna 22th of November 2014:


I remembered your name correctly, it was very nice to meet you. You are pretty, fun, and amazing in bed. A true courtesan. I will contact you next year for another date somewhere in Europe. Maybe we met for a little longer so I have more time to explore the beautiful body you have. Take good care a nice Christmas and a good new year. W